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We specialise in creating robust, fact-based strategies that propel organisations forward.
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Establish a clear way forward

Our experts help CxO’s, boards, and management teams craft brilliant strategies. Our projects are supported by a flexible and collaborative development process.
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Design robust solutions

We design and implement robust solutions. Combining expertise, innovation and practicality, our tailored solutions empower you to confidently move forward. Learn more.

Build consensus and alignment

Want to build consensus and alignment? Our approach is collaborative and we specialise in fostering open dialogue, and guiding teams toward shared goals.
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Unlock assets, capabilities and positions

We develop tailored strategies that draw on your organisation’s strengths to unlock your organisation’s full potential.
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Mobilise your organisation

Executing strategy requires more than just a plan. We specialise in ensuring you have the right funding, capabilities, and organisational buy-in to effectively achieve your objectives. Learn more.

Trusted advisors to management

We are a boutique consulting firm providing a comprehensive suite of strategy & transformation consulting services. Our experts help CxO’s, boards, and management teams address their most pressing issues.

Based in Sydney, we deliver solutions across Australia and New Zealand. Our personalised approach is tailored to each project, adapting to the specific needs of your business. Visit our services to see how we can contribute to your success as your strategy partner.

How we unlock full potential

Creating exceptional outcomes for RSPCA

The delivery of a strategy and integrated plan to enable RSPCA to capture the full potential of its animal welfare certification program. Underpinned by a robust, fact-based diagnostic of its current program, CTG Strategy has assisted RSPCA Australia in developing the strategy, roadmap, and initiatives, that will enable the organisation to achieve its ambitions.
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Retail Media Strategy

How Retailers Can Grow Retail Media Profits.

Understanding market dynamics and the opportunity set will be key as more retailers shape their approach to retail media.

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More for Less: How to Stategically Reduce Costs.

A tailored cost reduction program goes beyond ‘low-hanging fruit’, to drive significant in year savings with a high return on investment.

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The DNA of Transformation Success.

Leaders who adopt a five-phase approach to transformation, and deploy best practices at each stage, can dramatically boost success.

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Achieve outsized results and lasting impact.

We work in partnership or as an extension of your team to help you address your most pressing challenges. With an experienced team of strategy and transformation experts, we develop strategies and solutions that result in stronger, more competitive, and sustainable organisations.
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